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Truck & Boat

We just got a new to us boat back in July.  The body of the boat wasn't too sharp looking so we were able to pick up the boat for the right price,  it wasn't selling as is.  The graphics were faded and peeling off, there was a pretty big scratch on the side.  Nothing a little elbow grease and wrap can't fix.  This time we chose a design that matched our truck wrap.  Our design was one of 3 design concepts we put together for a customer.  We had our eye on it from the point we submitted it to our customer and decided that if the customer didn't choose that one it would be the next wrap for us.  Lucky us he choose a different design.  We get lots of oohs and ahhs when we pull our boat down the road, it does it's job of turning heads and leaving a lasting impression.


SignsofReilly 2 yearss ago
The white and green lettering looks really good on the black colored truck! Nice work.

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