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TDK Sign Collaboration


Nothing gives us more energy and excitement than to be able to collaborate with local businesses to complete a sign project.  Our little community of Hutchinson has so much hidden talent behind their business doors.  In our business we have been so fortunate to get to know these other local businesses and their capabilities; we have always enjoyed having the opportunity to work together on a project with them and their quality and abilities never disappoint.   Collaborating with local contractors is a twofold advantage:  #1 is the financial impact of providing jobs and supporting local business and #2 is community pride.  We all take pride in our work and for years to come people look at that project and smile saying my dad, my mom, my friend, my uncle, my grandpa, my son, my daughter, I and so on made that sign.  What is so special about this sign?  It turned out beautifully; the quality is that of a professional sign manufacture but isn’t going to probably make it on the cover of a sign magazine it is just the fact that 3 local businesses worked together to create a quality product.  This project was taken to bid and I hope everyone at TDK is thrilled that the company chose to keep it local and that it made sense to financially because when we all know when working with a large corporation it always comes down to dollars and cents.


About The Project:

TDK manufactured the structure of the sign.  Once the sign faces were ready, we pre-drilled all the holes for wires and channel letter mounts.  After the fabrication of the sign was complete it headed down to Hutch Auto Body for paint.  Once the channel letters arrived in our office we got to work putting in all the studs, washers and nuts.  We love being a family owned and operated business, our children are always looking for ways to earn some extra money or help out at the shop when they can so they were happy to step in and help.  Even our 9 year old’s attention to detail; work ethic and quality put most professional sign installers to shame.  We had a deadline to meet, our employees stayed late so we cranked up the music, ordered some pizza and had a blast working together.  TDK poured the footings, installed the sign frame and we were ready to install the channel letters.  Once the lettering was installed the electrician came to wire up the sign and TDK put on the finishing touches.  The end result is a good looking sign built to last.  Thank you TDK for the opportunity!