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Have You Tried Facebook Ads Yet?


Have you ever ran Google ads in the past?  How about Facebook Ads?  I've been running Google Ads for the past year for Ultimate Boat Wraps and we have been pretty happy with the ROI (return on investment), good results with a small investment. {C} I had been thinking about trying some Facebook Ads.  I want to grow my Ultimate Boat Wraps Facebook Fan base.  A few weeks ago one of my friends, Jason Werowinski from the Minnesota Website Company posted a blog article he found on how Facebook Ads have 35 times the reach of Google. 


What I really like about Facebook Ads is that I know who my target customers are and I can specifically reach them using Facebook Ads.  I can select the Gender, Age & Specific Area.  I then can select a daily maximum amount that I would like to spend on my ad and then I pay per click, just like Google.  The first Ad I ran for just a week to test it out, I got pretty targeted with the potential reach of just under 1,000 people.  I didn't gain any new likes however the ad didn't cost me a dime.  It did however show I had 35 impressions.  So yesterday I started a new ad campaign.  I increased my target market to reach more people and increased my daily allowance.  I finished up my ad just before 4 pm last night and when I logged on this morning, I had 3 new likes.  My campaign shows it reached 918 people, I had 3 connections and 2 clicks costing me just $2.12 thats in less than 24 hours.  I am really happy with that.

The power of Facebook is pretty unreal if you ask me.  Today I searched Google for a local non-profit organization to note them in a post I was doing and was surprised that I had to scroll down 4 spaces past their Facebook pages to get to their website.  I use to express how important websites arein my opinion are to a business and now I am thinking that it is just as vital to have a Facebook page.

Here is the link to the blog post mentioned above: