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7 Tips On How To Use Faecbook Effectively For Business

You see it everywhere...  Find us on Facebook!  Why?  Because Facebook can work for your business.  We've talked to several small businesses that have been successful using Facebook and it has really helped them save on their advertising budget and best of all increase their sales.  One of the best parts about Facebook is that your Facebook page can be found via internet search.  So for companies that don't have a website yet, this is a way they can have an online presence.  Here are some tips for using Facebook for your business effectively.

7 Tips On How To Use Facebook for Business Effectively


  1. Make Goals For your Business:  What do you want to achieve by using Facebook for your business?  For example common goals are:  Create more traffic to your website, Build Brand Awareness, Communicate with Customers and Generate More Sales.


  1. Customize Your Page:  You can do this several ways, creating a landing page, customized side bar and even custom pages.  No need to be a computer programmer to do this.  There are several websites and applications out there that will help you do this for free, one you might want to check out is


  1. Get your customers to interact with you:  A good way to do this is to ask questions, take polls, run contests or sweepstakes, post shareable content.


  1. Keep your page updated and use a mix of media:  Embrace engagement and interaction with your customers.  Customers enjoy seeing photos, videos and fun stuff vs. just static posts.


  1. Don’t Over Sell:  One sure way to have people “unlike” your page is to constantly be in there face trying to sell them your products and services.  Give them useful tips and don’t be afraid to go a little off topic sometimes.


  1. Gather Feedback:  Use feedback that you get on your Facebook page to improve your business


  1. Make time for social media:  Dedicate time each week to work on your social media marketing.  Next week I will post an article about how to manager your social media sites in just a few minutes a day or week.