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Who Owns You Logo? You Might Be Surprised!

Do you have the original format of your logo?  If you don't, I would suggest contacting the person that designed it for you to find out how you can get it.  By law unless you have paid for logo design and have had the rights signed over to you, the company that designed your logo owns the rights.
We recently worked on some sponsorship signs for a non profit organization that asked their sponsors to send them their logo and out of 24 companies, there were only 4 of them that had sent over the original artwork file for the sign.  Not having your original artwork for you logo, creates a problem when trying to produce your logo in print of any sort, the quality of the print may be low, it may not be able to be resized or you may get charged for logo recreation.  If it gets recreated it may not be exact to your logo.  We have seen in some cases when logos have been recreated so many times that small details of the design get lost.


You should contact the company or person that created your logo for you to see if you can get a copy of the original format of the logo.  If you weren't charged for logo design up front, there may be a fee.  Different types of files are used in different applications, if you can get your logo in several different file types that would be best for you.  Some of the files you may not be able to open or view if you don't have the correct program, but when you need that file type you will be happy you have it.


Common original vector format file type for print are .ai, .eps .pdf, .drw or .svg.  A file can not be converted to one of these formats, if you are having or had a graphic designer create your logo it was likely created in one of these file types.  These file types use lines instead of pixels to create your image.  You may also want your logo in a raster format, which is created with pixels, pictures are an example of a raster image.  Vector art can be converted to a raster format, but raster images can not be simply converted to a vector image with out having to redraw the logo.  Common raster images are .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .pnd, .psd, .png, and .thm.  One thing I will not is most graphic designers do not have the ability to give you your logo in an embroidery file.


A logo can be a symbol, image or a name used consistently in the same color and font.


The number one most important key to designing a logo and choosing a logo is to make sure it is legible.  The more colors you have the more you are charged for everything that you would like recreated with your logo.  Think about what products you would like to see with your logo on them and how the logo will work and look for embroidery, vehicle graphics, business cards, letterhead and anything else your looking for.


Typically you can hire a graphic design company to recreate your logo for you.  Pricing usually varies based on the difficulty of the logo.  Our price starts at $150 which includes the rights to the logo and all the original art files that you will need including vector and rasterized formats.  We can also have it put into an embroidery format if you wish.


In the Hutchinson area prices range from $300 - $1000.  There are online companies out there, but be careful!  We have had some customers have good luck and others that have paid out money for a logo and it was suppose to be in several different file types and none of the files worked, the only thing she was able to order were their products online.


Logos are important for building credibility and recognition.